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Truss & Rigging
Make Your Events Engaging with Our Truss and Rigging services!

The importance of high quality trussing and rigging services for events remains hidden from no one. Rigging is a procedure of setting up various types of event equipment on different event structures called trusses. Our technicians use numerous rigging components to attach various AV equipment to the truss. The trusses bear the weight of large speakers, moving lights, LED screens, staging sets and all the other AV elements that are in the air during the air.

Just like all other AV requirements, for truss and rigging also we partner with the best manufacturers for bringing the latest event technology to the clients. We build custom truss and rigging solutions for every event to meet the expectations of the clients. The customization also helps us fit the needs of the venue.

The process gets carried out according to the highest quality standards from start to end. We take care of the entire project, from start to finish. Our services involve consultancy, project management, planning, design, installation, inspection and dismantling.

We believe that any AV related job demands experience and expertise. Hence, we have a well-trained team that keeps on updating their knowledge of the latest available technology. The team’s firm planning and execution help create an engaging environment. We are experts in providing truss and rigging services for almost all kinds of vents like corporate meetings, conferences, festivals, concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, weddings and every other event. As one of the most trusted truss & rigging service provider in Dubai, In-Sync also takes care of all the mandatory safety measurements.