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IT & Supporting Support
IT & Supporting services for Your Next Soiree by In-Sync!
IT & supporting services hold a special place in every event, whether a family function or a corporate meeting. In-Sync understands their undeniable value. Hence, we extend our IT & supporting services Dubai to make your events enlivening for your audience. The technologically advancing world is witnessing the ever-growing use of IT equipment to make human work more accessible. The event industry does not get left behind. An ideal event must make a powerful impact on the minds and hearts of the audience. It is where IT equipment comes into play. They work towards enhancing the overall experience of the audience.
Getting the appropriate IT components for any event, even a family function, can get complicated. For making an event perfect, one must seek help from a professional AV support team in Dubai/UAE. In-Sync’s IT equipment rental Dubai UAE.
UAE efficiently fulfills every IT need of an event, regardless of its size and type. Below listed is some of the IT equipment offered by us.

1. Microphones- Microphones are one of the most common IT components. They get required for almost every event. We ensure that an event has enough speakers and microphones to satisfy the requirements. From wired microphones to wireless ones, we have multiple options to suit any occasion.

2. Projectors and Screens- Screens are the most crucial equipment for the visual aspect of an event. But, what will the screens display without a projector? Hence, we bring both to your circumstances. Based on the needs of the client and their event, our team installs several screens. So, whether one needs a digital LCD, plasma monitors, or LED panels, we can bring it all.

3. Video switcher- A video switcher is like a soundboard for visuals. It selects numerous incoming video signals and directs them to a single output such as a streaming device, video recorder, or screen. It helps to switch to another screen with just a push of a button.
4. Adaptors- An event involves various devices requiring connection to different AV setup parts and a professional AV support team in Dubai, UAE. It means having a backup catalog of various adaptors is a must. In addition, it helps when a speaker needs to present slides from their devices. In such cases, adapters by In-Sync help match their presentation to the sound and video setup of the event.
Those mentioned above are some of the IT equipment we provide to our clients. In addition, being one of the best exhibition companies in Dubai, we also offer translation equipments rental.

Top Event production company in Dubai UAE Middle East - Insync Event Services